Four Reasons To Call An Emergency Plumber Right Now

It’s quite possible that you may feel completely confident to tackle a number of light plumbing duties around the house. And it’s always wise for a home owner or renter to keep a few typical plumbing tools on-hand for those occasions when a pipe or faucet is a bit loose.

However, there are certainly times when the job might be too large for you to handle on your own. In these types of emergency situations, you need a professional plumber and you need one there fast. Below are five perfect examples of such an emergency that could occur.

1. Burst Pipes In the case of any of your water pipes bursting, you should immediately locate the main water valve and shut that off first. After that is taken care of, place a call to your emergency plumber. They will race out to quickly assess and repair the problem.

Also, as a precautionary measure, ask yourself right now if you know where that main water valve is in your home. If you don’t, or can’t find it, place a call to the plumbing service now and have them come out to show you where it is, as well as tag any valves or pipes that you should be particularly aware of. Taking this step now — long before an emergency arises — can help save you large amounts of damage if/when something does happen at a later date.

2. Flooded Basement If you notice that water is somehow entering, and standing in, your basement, get a professional in there right away. They can dispatch a plumber to figure out where the water is coming from and get started on a solution for you.

3. Clogged Toilet In most circumstances, your attempts at unclogging your toilet with a plunger will prove to be completely successful, and all that’s needed. But when that doesn’t do the trick — when the toi-let is overflowing and/or the water won’t stop running — you need help quickly. You obviously don’t want that water standing long in your bathroom and there to be any chance of seepage into the floor. Turn off the toilet water valve (often found on the wall right behind the unit) and call that emergency plumber.

4. Gas Leak If you are suddenly smelling gas in the house, you very well might have a gas leak somewhere, and that is nothing to mess around with yourself. An explosion of any sort can cause severe damage to your property and your family, so the possibility of a gas leak cannot be taken lightly. If you know its location, immediately switch off the main valve and call your plumber.

If any of these emergencies pop up around your house — or others, such as a broken water heater, a drain backup or a mystery leak — don’t hesitate for a moment to give Jeff Lowe Plumbing a call. We’ve got over 20 service vehicles, ready 24 hours a day, waiting to help assist you with any problem that arises.